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Gas Airconditioners

Summer months in Malta are scorching hot and air conditioners are considered an investment in their own right during this period. M&E Installations recognise this and supply systems that significantly reduce running costs. Our gas air conditioners use gas heat pumps in their outdoor unit’s compressors that are driven by a gas engine rather than an electric one thus making energy saving possible whilst also helping in combating global pollution.

How does it work?

The outdoor unit is made of a high efficiency gas engine and a heat pump that, apart from reducing heat from the surrounding environment, also recovers heat from the engine.

The gas heat pump uses refrigerant gas physical properties, which absorb heat from the surroundings when evaporating and releases heat when condensing. Through the compressions the refrigerant gas circulates continuously evaporating and condensing and thus producing cooling and heating.

At M&E Installations we supply AISN-Toyota air conditioning units that use heat recovery systems eliminating the main problem of electrical pumps – namely the constant change in heating capacity due to external temperatures. During winter the gas heat pumps have an extraordinary heating capacity even at very low temperatures.

The gas heat pump technology allows for more freedom in design and installation thanks to small required spaces, high achievable differences in height among units and wide piping length. We import a wide range of AISIN-Toyota models and can guarantee the best solution for your every comfort.

Some advantages of Gas Air conditioners are –

  • Efficiency and economy- able to reduce energy considerably when compared to electric systems making it more environmentally friendly. Saves as much as 30% of electrical consumption.
  • Minimal ductwork
  • Low maintenance
  • Safe and quiet in operation
  • Last longer than conventional electric systems

A selection of our

Gas Airconditioners

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