M and E solar-waterheaters

Solar Water Heaters

We have been exploiting energy from the sun for many years now. With Malta having approximately 2200 hours of sunshine a year, making good use of this energy is practical and cheaper in the long run.

Solar water heaters, or some form of them were already available in the 19th century. The basic principle has remained the same but the look has changed. Solar water heaters are an effective way of reducing energy bills whilst safeguarding the environment.

Solar energy can meet part or all of a home's domestic hot water needs. Geographic location, system design, collector orientation, and collector size will determine how much energy can be provided for domestic hot water heating.

M&E Installations supply a number of solar water heaters in a variety of configurations and sizes. Each differs in design, cost, performance, and level of complexity. Most systems have back-up water heating such as electricity or gas. A solar water heating system usually consists of a hot water storage tank, a solar collector that absorbs solar energy, a back-up energy source, and (for forced circulation systems) a pump and controls.
M&E Solutions Solar Water Heaters Malta
M&E Solutions Solar Water Heaters Malta