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Wooden Pallet Stoves

M and E Installations Wooden Pallet Stoves Malta

The price of stove burning sources such as fuels, natural or electric gas is constantly going up. Winters in Malta are cold when considering the chill factor. Wooden pellets provide a cheaper alternative to heat up your home thus becoming more popular as a means to provide heat, more so that they are easy to manufacture and also have a very low pollution rate.

Wooden pellet stoves have a considerable number of assets when compared to normal stoves. Flumenfire’s wooden pellet stoves represent an innovative way for domestic heating whilst renewing a respect for the environment, providing comfort and practicality in usage. The heat programmed controls can be changed from a distance of even 10 metres via remote control. The stoves are easy to clean since the ash falls down into a compartment through the cone and combustion chamber.

The stoves are very efficient and practically emit hardly any smoke or creosote. These wooden pellets are tightly compacted and burn efficiently and powerfully. The stove can be installed anywhere even in more urban environments and doesn’t need the normal conventional chimney – a tin metal liner will suffice.

M&E Installations supplies a variety of styles available as free-standing and fireplace inserts providing a more flexible means of heating your home.

M and E Installations Wooden Pallet Stoves Malta

A selection of our Wooden Pallet stoves

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